This is a true story that will hopefully put a fire under you if you know you should be blogging, but don’t know what to write about or understand how blogging will help you market your products or services.

Also, if you don’t consider yourself a good writer (or you just don’t like to write), but want to blog, I’m going to tell you where you can get your blog posts written for you.

By, the way most of us don’t think we can write, so just because you don’t think you’re a good writer doesn’t mean you aren’t a good writer.

I’m currently working with an interior designer — helping her with her online marketing strategy. She was somewhat opposed to writing a blog. However, she got started and now she’s on a roll. I’m truly blown away by her creative writing skills. Something I could have never taught her. It’s just ingrained in her.

So, here’s where the story begins.

Yesterday, I was speaking to a friend on the phone when she revealed to me that she’s been writing a book. First of all, how awesome is that?!

She began to tell me all about the book with much excitement. Then, she asked if she could hire me to help her come up with a marketing strategy — and of course, I said yes.

The longer we spoke, the more she went into the details of her book, and the more she got excited. I could feel her passion and excitement so I just let her talk.

I was amazed at how the words she was speaking were just flowing out of her mouth like water from a faucet. Funny, but true. LOL!

When she paused, I said to her,

“Your content is in your mouth.” ~ Romona Foster

She said, “What do you mean?”

I began explaining to her that she needs to start recording whenever she is talking about the subject she is so obviously passionate about because what I heard coming out of her mouth was content that she could be using in a blog post. It was really good. Juicy, in fact!

I told her that she should start blogging prior to launching her book, and she should start doing it right away. That way she could start generating interest in the subject of her book and her as a writer.

She was excited about this, but was concerned that she would be giving away her book if she started blogging about it now. I explained to her that there is a way to get around giving away her book. That is to blog about the context without giving away the content of the book. (To the “real writers,” know that this is my take on context vs. content, and what works for me as a marketer. 😉 )

 … context is a practical tool that will help you build meaning, trust, and interest for the reader. ~ Julien Samson

After speaking with my friend, I began thinking about my telling her, “Your content is in your mouth.” Especially the part about sharing the context vs. the content of her book, so I looked up context vs. content and found this by Julien Samson who is an amazing writer.

I felt Julien had the best definition of context which happens to fall in line with blogging and marketing a product or service through blogging. Here is what Julien said:

“Context can be anything.

  • Details about yourself or your character

  • A backstory

  • A personality trait

  • An environment

  • A life-changing situation

  • A trivial situation

  • A memory

  • An anecdote

  • Something simple as how your day is unfolding”

 [Content] can be anything bridging the gap between you and the reader. Anything that could potentially elevate their emotions or make them invested in your writing. ~ Julien Samson

Though Julien’s list is not inclusive, all that he included in his list can make great blog content i.e. what you could possibly write about.

When you’re thinking about what to blog about, also keep your niche and industry in mind.

Blog about what’s going on in the news concerning your industry, questions your customers or clients ask you, tips and how to’s … anything you think will be of value to your customers or clients.

Just remember it’s not about you, it’s all about what benefits them. Keep what you think will be of value to them top of mind when writing your blog posts.

BONUS: How Can I Get Someone To Write My Blog Posts for Me?

Many people ask me if I write my own blog posts, and the answer is yes. I do. Though I don’t consider myself a “real writer,” I love to write and always have. I am a blogger — and my definition of that is one who enjoys writing online. That’s not an accurate definition, but that is my definition.

With that being said here’s the information I promised for those of you who are “not good at writing” or don’t have time to write but want to blog.

If you’re looking to generate blog content but would love for someone to write it for you, I offer a blog writing service.

I’ve offered this service for years, but have only used it for a few clients as I encourage clients to write their own content as much as possible.

I have a team of people who write on a whole lot of topics including accounting, business consulting, education, entertainment, fashion, fitness, health, insurance, IT, nonprofit, pets, real estate, senior services, and much more. You just let me know what your niche is and I will match you with the best writer for your audience.

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Why Context Matters In Writing: Building a relationship with the reader


Author: Romona Foster

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